Square Club Whitelist. What is it and how will it work?

Square Club
3 min readApr 14, 2022

Our whitelist, more than a marketing strategy or an attempt to sell some NFTs, is, in our own way, a way to support the Velas ecosystem that we deeply love.

But how could a whitelist for a pre-sale of NFTs support other projects in the ecosystem, where some of them could even be considered competition?

The Velas network is still very new, much more new the projects that have been created, even so, there are thousands of users that give their support to these projects every day in the communities.

It is our duty and our way of thanking all that community for the support and loyalty to the ecosystem to give more utilities to these projects, even if it is very small and modest.

Those projects that may seem like competition because they are also NFT collections, are actually all allies, because we are all looking in the same direction: supporting the network, growing the ecosystem and building a powerful community.

How many whitelists will there be and how will they operate?

There will be a whitelist for each project of the Velas network that we decide on, or that requests us to participate. Additionally, there will be a VIP whitelist which will be explained later in this article.

Each whitelist will be assigned a maximum amount of NFTs that its members will be able to mint in the presale. Despite the maximum amount of NFTs that can be minted, whitelists can be joined by as many users as they wish (if they meet the minimum requirements of each whitelist) but to be fair, only those who come first before the available NFTs run out will be able to mint.

The allocation of the amount of NFTs per whitelist will be according to the size and interest of the communities of each project. A total of 8% of the collection, according to our Squarenomics, will be distributed among all collections.

What is the VIP whitelist and how will it work?

The VIP whitelist is one of the most important for us, as it will be one of the ways to reward all those users who have supported us since day zero. It will also be a way for us to thank influencers and industry leaders who have helped us in one way or another.

All those who are in this whitelist will have an guaranteed place in the presale.

You may ask: how do I subscribe to that whitelist?

Quite simple, the users that participate the most in our official group, in AMAs, on Twitter or other events will be selected by Daniel or Yasiel to participate.

Only the wallet address with which you intend to participate in the presale will be required, so if someone asks you for something else, it is 100% sure that it is SCAM, always make sure to check our profiles in the official group.

We will reserve 2% of the collection for this whitelist.

How long will whitelist NFTs be reserved?

A few days after the whitelists have been opened to the public so that any user can register, the pre-sale will begin and a few days later the public sale will start. The NFTs assigned to the whitelists will be available until they are all sold out in the public sale.

I own a project, how can my holders participate in the pre-sale?

If you have a project on the Velas network and it has already been launched, and it has a token or is a collection of NFTs, write to us at business@cabyas.com or write directly to Yasiel on telegram.



Square Club

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